A Simple Guide to Buying Birthday Cakes Online

A simple guide to buying birthday cakes online

The advancements in technology have made it easier for us to order a cake online in under five minutes. Whether it is hosting a birthday party or getting a customised cake for your anniversary, there’s no denying that most of us would tend to order one from a local bakery. However, with so many cake designs and flavours available, we often find ourselves being spoilt for choice. Speaking with a professional bakery is the first step to getting a cake that fits your requirements as well as budget. 

Furthermore, with the majority of cake shops in Singapore, like Zee & Elle, having an availability of cakes at a short notice or even ordering fresh bakes for a special occasion just became even more convenient. Here are some tips you can take note of when purchasing a cake to celebrate another milestone in your life:

1. Plan Ahead

When calling or emailing a bakery to enquire, it is important to let them know what exactly you are looking for in a cake. Researching beforehand or even searching up unique cake designs on sites like Pinterest can help you to settle on a general theme for your cake. When you have a rough idea of the design you want for your cake, then you can slowly decide on the other details like flavour and colours. 

A fully customised cake requires more time for communication between you and the baker - from the kind of design down to even the finest details to make the cake a perfect one. To top it off,  you also have to give yourself some time to make last minute changes to your cake design. As such, you should always check or confirm on the lead time of the cake shop that you intend to order from to ensure that everything is perfect. 

Since fully customised cakes are usually more costly and require more lead time, you may consider browsing our website first for any ready-made designs that’s caught your eye! Fall in love with our rustic floral cakes for an extra romantic occasion, a safari-themed cake for your child’s birthday, or even cakes like the Exquisite Black Gold Cake that are specially designed for him, we have a range of classic fresh cream cakes for all sorts of celebrations.

For Zee & Elle, a fully customised cake requires at least a lead time of 1.5 weeks. But we also have cakes specially catered for last-minute celebrations. These include our range of classic fresh cream cakes that only need a lead time of 2-3 days.

Vegan Double Chocolate Cake

2. Choosing a design you like

Aside from the flavour of the cake, design is another thing that gives a cake its wow factor. Hence, if you’re not going for ready-made cakes, then it is best that you let the cake shop know the theme or design that you’re going for. Feel free to send pictures or other references as well to help your cake shop get a better idea of what you want. If you’re looking for a cake that centres around nature, then you can check out the delicious range that Zee & Elle has to offer.

For instance, if you love strawberry cakes then you should try out our Strawberry Chamomile Naked Cake. A dreamy and rustic naked cake with fresh cream in every layer, adorned with aromatic chamomile as well as fresh strawberries - this combination is what makes this cake divine and light on your palate.

Strawberry Chamomile Birthday Cake

Or, if you’re celebrating a child’s birthday, then you can choose a cake that is charming and gives off a childlike vibe. Fall in love with Zee & Elle’s adorable Blue Dino Wonderland Cake. Carefully created and designed, this cake is a recreation of a dinosaur wonderland filled with amazing sweet treats like macarons and mini donuts. 

Blue Dino Wonderland Birthday Cake

While dinosaurs may not be everyone’s thing, you can always opt for a simple cake like an Owl Cake. Topped with a fondant owl and fresh thyme, this cake comes in six different exquisite flavours as well! 

Owl Birthday Cake

In addition to the design and theme, you should also consider other details such as your budget, the number of pax you’re serving, and dietary requirements. If you’re looking for a vegan or sugar-free birthday cake alternative, then there may be a limited amount of requests or changes that can be made since the frostings of such cakes are usually softer than buttercream ones. 

Be sure to let your cake shop or bakery know once you have all of this information. Here at Zee & Elle, you can always feel free to drop us an email or simply fill in our cake quote form, and our friendly customer service team will reach out to you as soon as possible!

3. Reading up on reviews

Choosing a cake shop to buy from is also important. It is more than just choosing a random cake shop and purchasing their bestseller! Instead, it is advisable to do a little research on the type of cakes and designs the cake shop offers, and even check out their reviews online as well. 

Not only will reading the reviews help you gauge the taste of the cake, but it also provides you with an insight into the quality service the cake shop in Singapore offers. For example, do they pack your birthday cakes nicely, especially if it is tall and elaborate like the Winter Blue Cake? Or, will they provide you with proper handling and storage instructions to ensure that your birthday cake lasts till the birthday song! 

Winter Blue Birthday Cake

Even though the biggest advantage of buying a ready-made cake is that it saves time, you are limited to selected flavours and designs. On the other hand, getting a freshly baked cake or even customising it lets you add a personal touch to the cake and express your appreciation as well as love to the person you’d like to celebrate. 

Zee & Elle is a cake shop in Singapore offering a range of birthday cakes and other delicious sweet treats that are perfect for any other occasion. Every cake is made fresh to order with no addition of preservatives. Place your cake orders online today and enjoy delivery right up to your doorstep! 

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