Discover: Best Cake Choices For All Kinds Of Celebrations

Discover: Best Cake Choices For All Kinds Of Celebrations

We heard you! Here are a few of our cake recommendations for all kinds of celebrations you have in mind!
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It is difficult to imagine any occasion or celebration without a beautiful cake. Even a small cake can make any event feel special and memorable. Everyone tends to spend a lot of time finding the perfect cake for their loved ones. Celebration cakes are used for events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, and so on. A lot of thought can be invested when you choose a celebration cake as the cake defines the event. Here are a few celebratory cakes you can choose from our cake shop in Singapore, to celebrate any special occasion!

Children’s Birthdays

Children’s birthdays are one of the most common celebration occasions where the cake is the most important element. Every year, we make a bunch of customized cakes for baby showers and children’s birthdays. One example is our Pom Pom Animal Cake, that definitely wins all hearts. This piece is topped with animals which can be kept as toys for children to play with. Adorned with fun colourful poms poms and Garrett popcorns, together with minimalistic leaves. Furthermore, you have 8 different flavours you can choose from! 

Animal Pom Pom Cake -zeeandelle
Pom Pom Animal Cake


Weddings cakes are one of the most delicately crafted celebration cakes. The distinctive features of wedding cakes are the usage of premium high-quality ingredients, elegance, and simplicity. Generally, basic flavors like vanilla and its variations are used to make wedding cakes. Another factor to keep in mind is that it should be large enough to serve a lot of guests. This classic two tier Gold Babybreath Cake design might just be our top pick for couples. Flowers of Baby’s Breath have always been significant in weddings as they express unity, everlasting love and purity. 

Gold Babybreath cake -zeeandelle
Gold Babybreath Cake


When it comes to anniversaries, the primary goal of the celebration cake is to be memorable. Usually, for an anniversary, there aren’t going to be as many guests as weddings, so cake size is not of major priority. It would be nice to choose a cake that signifies the union between both the individuals who are in the relationship. Our Shades Of Pink Floral Cake was a fun piece for us to make, and definitely sweet - looking for an anniversary gift or celebration.  

Shades Of Pink Floral Cake

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated occasions across the world. The primary factor of a mother’s day cake is to demonstrate love and affection. In the month of April and May, we had our Honey Yuzu Fresh Cream Cake as our monthly affair, and now it has become one of our bestsellers!  This refreshing cake was made for people who prefer a lighter palette, as well as something that may not be too sweet. Made of a soft yuzu sponge cake with layered honey-infused fresh cream and yuzu curd, this cake might be in favour of the elders too. 

Honey Yuzu Fresh Cream Cake 

Celebration cakes are meant to signify and give meaning of love, affection and union. Choosing a perfect cake for a celebration is a difficult task. Think about the person and the event, and what kind of type or flavor suits them the best.  It is also important to predict the number of guests while choosing the size of the celebration cake. If nothing here catches your eye, fret not! Click here to view more of our handcrafted creations for any kind of celebrations. 

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