My Greatest Adventure

My Greatest Adventure: A series of unfolding and connecting

“Life’s an adventure” as many have said and heard. This is why last month we posed a question on our Instagram asking ‘What is your greatest adventure?’. We decided to share all these stories in this blogpost and hope it inspires you to take on your very own kind of adventure.
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“Life’s an adventure” as many have said and heard. This is why last month we posed a question on our Instagram asking ‘What is your greatest adventure?’. We have received so many unique adventures filled with different experiences and loved reading through every single one of it! We decided to share all these stories in this blogpost and hope it inspires you if you are embarking on a new phase in life! - @amqzed and living each day like it’s the last! 🤗  -@mistybells

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My greatest adventure was probably walking out of a break up and changing myself for the better. I shed weight, gained confidence and walked out of it a better and stronger woman. I smiled more, I was happier, I wasn’t afraid to be myself

- @wang.sunyi

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My greatest adventure is having my 2 sons. Everyday is a different adventure..sometimes silly, sometimes sad.. sometimes treacherous but most of the time happy. I will not have my adventure any other way.

- @djulyn


Being such wanderlusters, I immediately thought about all the adventures @njianrong and I went in the past decade. 🌏  But I realised nothing would beat the greatest adventure of our lifetime- the day we got married. I wanted a perfect wedding and the bridezilla me planned everything in such great detail that anything which could go wrong would be due to Murphy’s law. And indeed, Murphy visited countless times that day. From the gloomy weather where the brothers literally danced around chillies to pray to the rain god (whom responded by pouring immediately after the solemnisation was over), to a partially wrecked wedding cake upon delivery where the sisters @xinyacai miraculously covered up immaculately, to the security disallowing catered food from being delivered to my villa due to a miscommunication and my parents personally rationalising and resolving it calmly, and finally marrying the love of my life. (I didn’t realise Any of these- except the last one 😂 until the end of the day) All in that one day, it was the greatest adventure with everyone I cared about, like a condensed version of ‘life being our greatest adventure’

- @y_von_ne


My greatest adventure started in 2018, getting married three times (🇸🇬 ~ 🇩🇪 ~ 🇵🇭) to the man I prayed for, to the man whom my soul loves and to the man I will spend all the days of my life.

- @handmadewithlovebyjoan


My greatest adventure - Continue our travel plans with our baby. @hougangahbeng. Travelled with a soon to be 1yo in Sep’19 to Perth as a Family of Three, not knowing what may come with one to be carried all the time in a foreign land. Best memories to celebrate both our birthdays in the month of September.

- @kayyleee_911


My greatest adventure is to be with my hubby @x__jonathan.lim & have our beautiful daughter @x__alyssa.lim. Knowing each other for a decade and got together for less than 6 months and have a precious gem is a bittersweet and greatest adventure one could have, a lovely adventure that one could have in a lifetime. 💕

- @x__angeline.kuan

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My greatest adventure was a Mission trip to Indonesia. So fascinated by the simple life that they had and yet living so happily with a smile made me feel life is more than just peanut and butter. The village doesn’t have a calendar to keep track of date nor watch to keep track of time. It’s v rural and a 6hr drive in from the airport. Definitely eye opening for me.

- @sherlynk3k


Last year, I was offered the opportunity to go to Mulu, Sarawak, and visit the limestone caves there. Mind you, as a person who abhors dirty places and barely exercises, going to places full of wild animals and their dung wasn't high on my list of best adventures ever. However, I was lured by amazing photographs of beautiful cave formations, delicate rockwork as thin as sheets, and twisted forms that looked like a part of a movie set. Figuring it would be a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, I agreed.

I was completely unprepared for the trip. The first day was spent hiking 24km over rough and uneven rainforest terrain. Our guides hacked paths in some areas where the undergrowth was too thick to walk through, and we scaled up an almost vertical slope, before collapsing in a heap on a tiny ledge to scarf down lunch and water. And this was before entering our first cave.Then we squeezed into a narrow hole in the cliff face, walked gingerly across a ledge with a steep drop just beyond, and crawled on our bellies through areas with low ceilings. And my tiredness fell away.

It was amazing. The stalagmites were unlike anything I had ever seen in my life, towering sternly over us. Gigantic formations, that resembled melted candles more than rocks, dotted the humongous landscape. Looking up at the ceiling, I saw rows upon rows of stalactites growing sharply down, like the maw of a mammoth-sized shark. We gaped, then snapped some photographs. Then more photographs. And yet more as we drifted around the chamber. Every time we turned, a new and unique form caught our eye. It was like nothing we had ever seen.

The next few days were a race to cover more caves. We stepped into one that overwhelmed us by its sheer size - a natural cave, around the height of a 35-storey building. We gazed at openings to the outside world, and marvelled at how sunlight and darkness shaped our experiences with the world around us. We walked through areas where the rock formations looked like pencil-thin sticks, resembled tufts of cotton, or had settled into shapes that almost appeared to be jellyfish. The caves looked like they had been created in someone's fantastical imagination, not by nature.

- @samtanizar


My greatest adventure was traveling to Latin America for the first time and living there for over 4 months. For 3 months in Ecuador, I learned Spanish, experienced cloud forests and jungles, ate local cuisine, and grew in ways I never had before.

However, the most remarkable experience of the trip was living with @outdoorplaytimeprincess for 6 weeks in Costa Rica. Before traveling there we hadn’t really gotten to know each other as we’d anticipated. It was such a surprise then, when within a few hours of arriving, we clicked! For six weeks we conducted an independent research project snorkeling the local fishing beaches. 🐠  🐙   🌊

We laughed, swam, ate mangoes by the beach, and walked two hours for heavenly brownie sundaes. We formed an incredible bond during a trip that could’ve gone all sorts of ways wrong. We are still very close to this day. 💕



I’ve had many adventures with @terence_thet, but the most thrilling would be our hike in Scotland’s Isle of Skye, at Coire Lagan, where we climbed our way up through swirling mists and slippery rocks to reach a glacial pool tucked away in a valley, surrounded by the Cuilin mountains. We stayed there, catching our breath and enjoying a small snack, but we soon had to find our way down as it started to rain. Suffice to say, it wasn’t easy at all, but it was an experience I will always remember and cherish. @terence_thet has fallen in love with your store ever since I bought a box of your teatime tarts, and we would so love to enjoy another box of your yummy pastries! 😍

- @momocoomuffy


My greatest adventure was planning a trip to South America for 5 weeks back in 2014! We took a total of 18 flights, which started off with us having to run for our connecting plane into Lima after frost delayed our departing plane at Moscow. We hiked the famed Machu Pichu struggling to acclimatise along the way, took a live onboard at the Galapagos Islands, admiring the rich and diverse floral and fauna there, including snorkeling with hammerheads and seals. We summited Cotopaxi in Ecuador at 5000m and did a exhilarating bicycle ride down. We gazed at the starry nights of the Acatama Desert in Chile. Also spent time in Patagonia, driving a jeep around to scenic viewpoints, walked on glaciers and spyed at the llamas and guanacos grazing in the highlands. It was such a memorable trip, the highlight of our lives. 😊

- @fluke.cook

My greatest adventure is going to the Grand Canyon, then chickening out from taking photos due to the fear of heights. But who goes there without taking those classic pictures?!?! So, my friend wore MY pair of shoes, and took those pretentious “feet hanging off the cliff” shots... Then I uploaded them on my insta as if I was the daring one. 😆 #AllForTheGram Picture is still on my feed HAHA! Great trip nonetheless, a full 7 weeks in USA! 

- @ehtayy

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Neale Donald Walsh In my perspective, greatest adventure is to get out of your comfort zone, be bold and experience life. It is also to see the world from another angle and to view life in different perspective.  My Greatest Adventure was an Overseas community Programme filled with many first time experiences in Laos (Luang Prabang) For the first time we went under a hot sun. Gotten our hands dirty with cement, metal wires and bricks so that we can build a concrete library with roof from scratch for the kids. For the first time we drank home made wiskey brewed by our host and learnt to fold grasshopper with leaves. For the first time, we chanced upon shooting stars while lazing on the grass field. For the first time, we scooped water from a tank filled with fishes to bathe. For the first time, I jumped into a waterfall without knowing how to swim..... These experience would be unattainable if I did not step out of my comfort zone. Really thankful to be given such an opportunity to experience life. 💕

- @imsihua

My greatest adventure is travelling into the unknown with @thisisy_square ❤️  ❤️  We have been to many different countries with little itinerary only to decide where we are headed to the day before. Places like Thailand, Malaysia, Greece, Japan are on top of my favourite list as these are places where English is not their native language. We enjoy travelling but one recurring theme throughout all our travels and adventure is..... SWEETS! We love cakes and tarts, ice cream and pastries 🍰  🧁  🍦  🍩  🍫- and thankfully - these sweet treats is a common language across different countries and cultures!! I hope in this difficult trying period, though we can’t travel, we will never lose our sense of wonder!! Stay curious and wanderlust for now until the rest of the world recovers!! 🌍  🧳


My greatest adventure is the climb up Mt Ophir with @recklessthebrave 😂  It was my first attempt, I didn't realise my stamina was so bad till I tried 😅  I ended up aching badly for the whole week after the climb. But it was a pretty amazing experience when I reached the peak and esp with the support of all my friends 😊  memorable experience!

- @jenilyxd 


Same thoughts as @wongzymama! 💕 Greatest adventure in the coldest winter of our lives in Nebraska at -19deg, and the many many road trips with glorious sunsets and sights. An adventure of a lifetime, of learnings, reflections and celebrating my 21st too in that trip too with Hannah, on the road! ☺️

- @jotance


My greatest adventure was probably going to Cambodia for a mission trip. was definitely a super eye opening experience! would love to go again 😌

- @fakediorcouture


My greatest adventure would be with my friend @jotance. 🌲  We were young, carefree and curious! We set out to Nebraska - middle of nowhere in USA - for our uni exchange in 2015. Sledding in -19° winter, driving miles on our road trips, getting stopped by the traffic police, camping in name it, we did it. Our favourite memory would be sitting in silence before the canyons & valleys. How reflective it seemed to be because the five months away from home truly saw us go through both highs and lows in our lives too. It was defining, and definitely our adventure of a lifetime! *cues Coldplay*

- @wongzymama


My greatest adventure is going overseas for overseas exchange with my bestie, both not knowing the territory well. And we had much fun traveling around, sight-seeing, went around for good food and yes importantly to study with the locals there (of a different native language). But I'm loving it! @njingxun can share yours too!

- @abowlofmeepok

My best adventure is climbing Mount Kinabalu with practice from going on hikes ! no doubt it was extremely tough and tiring but i’m glad i’ve gotten it done . so proud and grateful to get to do it along side family . with family , it’s the greatest adventure!

- @cookiedoughpizza_


My greatest adventure was when I went for Tomorrowland 2019 alone to meet people I wasn’t close with. Luckily I was surrounded by friendly Singaporeans. @cheeechia then joined me as we traveled around Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. I miss those days 🙊

- @thlovecarousel


When I embarked on a 5 months travelling adventure to explore Europe! Went out of my comfort zones to live, interact and learn from people from all walks of lives as I left my footprints in every country! Exploring a foreign land wasn’t always beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable but it was a self-discovery journey where i realise that one only occupies such a tiny place in the world yet there’s so much one can do! It taught me that twenty years from now you will only be more disappointed by things you didnt do than by the ones you did! So go forth to have the courage to pursue the dreams and life that you have always imagined because if not now then when? 

- @baymaxgoh


My greatest adventure- An overnight hike to Roy’s peak for the and managing to reach the peak in time for sunrise! Truly rewarding 🏔

- @sundayjoyday


My greatest adventure was deciding to go study alone in Japan for a year! It was just barely a year after the tsunami hit, so it was a time of uncertainty and I almost couldn't go. But I'm really glad I managed to go for a year, really learnt a lot about living alone and fending for myself! My favourite memory was wandering down to Donki at 12am in animal pajamas (kigurumi) with my dorm mates! Would do it all over again if I could 😭  ❤️ 

- @darkxdelirium


My greatest adventure happens when I'm 21 years old. I went to Bangkok alone for 4d3n. Honestly don't think it was a great deal until I landed at Don Muang airport and see all the unfamiliar thai wordings. I took their public transport and stay in an Airbnb Condo there. I chose to travel to the outskirts of Bangkok instead of going shopping like a sg tourist would. It was amazing. I met friends from Germany, Brazil, Australia and Switzerland. It's amazing and I would love to go on solo trip again.

- @ckrx_


Feeling lost. Finding hope! Brimming with uncertainty 16000km away from home. Discovering some of my greatest friendships in an unlikely place. Shrinking back under the glances of curious strangers. Learning to let my hair loose and appreciate the unexpected. Speaking the lingo, discovering new flavours! Arrived alone with shaky knees and left half a year later having fallen in love. Austin, Texas — my life’s greatest adventure 🥰

- @naatella

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Photo By Ian Schneider 

The greatest adventure in my life started in 2015, when I followed my heart, signed my life on the line to be in the uniformed service, being a protector / defender of Singapore. I was an engineer in a private sector prior to this adventure. The change to embark on this adventure was triggered by the passing of our founding Prime Minister in 2015, in that I want to contribute more directly to preserving the peace, stability and security our founding fathers have painstakingly built for us. Being in this journey for close to 5 years now, I must say I have grown a lot, rediscovered a big part of myself, fell and beat myself up many times thinking that I may not be adequate to contribute to my role but managed to pick myself up each time. I just want to contribute in all capacity that I can to uphold what I believe in, and for the people who believe in us too. This indeed has been the greatest journey and there’s still a long way ahead.

- @achiulee

Fall, pick yourself up, and get back stronger. Losing a job is never easy to deal with; what's more when you lose your income amidst this pandemic, and trying to get back into the job market seems like a far away dream. Tons of job applications sent, time spent on interview preparation, and having to face countless rejections and when recruiters go silent on you. Lost, dejected, disheartened and whatever synonyms there are – it's a feeling no word can describe.

Finally I heard back on some good news after more than 2 months of job search. Some believe in miracles, while I believe in hard work, dedication and the spirit of not giving up. Many times I had to push away the thoughts of throwing in the towel – it was a mental fight in my head which I am amazed how I managed to strive through every time I look back on my journey. I'm in a much better place than my old career which I believe I would not have ended up in should I have not gone through the entire process. It always tastes sweeter after you have been through something bitter. And you will emerge as a stronger person. To everyone out there who's facing difficulties with job security, please hold on and keep the faith that something better awaits you!

- @audrey_2580


My greatest adventure was taking up a job that I know I’d enjoy over taking up one which will earn me way more bucks! Never regretted because I’m happy every working day and that is most important to me ☺️

- @joyceekoh


My greatest adventure thus far is taking a leap of faith to trust God that He has a plan for me. I have embarked on a new nursing journey and it is definitely out in my comfort zone. I believed that He has the best plan for me and that I was placed at the new hospital for a purpose. Honestly at first receiving the news of not getting my first choice cluster and hospital was upsetting, leaving my comfort zone is hard. However just like what my friends told me, it is the heart to serve. So, with hope and trust I am glad to be able to start a new journey ! I hope that everyone that is reading this will be encouraged to take on new challenges, even if it meant to step out of your comfort zone. ❤️

- @agraceive

Photo By Steve Halama


My greatest adventure was making my way out to Punggol to rent a pretty bike and cycle Coney Island all on my own on my birthday as a tiny step to attempting to be more adventurous. It was a simple but worthwhile adventure; being able to spot butterflies and birds, watch and listen to the swaying trees, and knowing that the rain only came down after I ended my trip. I find joy in the little things so any simple adventure can surely be a great one. 

- @jujudaxil

With that, are you ready to take on your own kind of adventure? 


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