Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Cake Online

Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Cake Online

Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Cake Online

When it comes to important occasions, cakes are often one of the most important details. Cakes are a key part of special events, with the ability to notch up the celebratory vibes with their taste, appeal and presence. Along with the rise in digitalisation, many have turned to placing their orders for cakes online and from the comfort of their homes to save time and effort. But with so many combinations of available flavours, fillings, icing, and decorations, the process of doing so can get pretty complicated. Whether you’re looking at ordering a birthday cake online or a custom design wedding cake, it's important to keep certain things in mind to ensure a smooth and fuss-free experience. 

Zee & Elle is a leading cake shop in Singapore, and in this guide, we take you through all you need to know when it comes to ordering a cake online for your upcoming event. 

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Benefits that come with ordering your cakes online

Benefits that come with ordering your cakes online

In the early days, one would need to order beforehand to enjoy their favourite cakes. However, with technology, ordering a cake is easier than ever before, and your favourite cakes can now be ordered online at any time of day. In this section, we take a look at the benefits that ordering a cake online can bring. 

Doorstep cake delivery

One of the biggest benefits of ordering online is enjoying the convenience of cake delivery right at your doorstep, in time for your celebration. Ordering online can be simple and fast, without needing to compromise on the quality of your cake. Getting a freshly baked cake without the need for stepping out of your home reduces time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks required for your event.

Alternatively, you may also opt to have a birthday cake delivery scheduled to be sent to a friend’s home, or the designated location of your event without eating into your time and extra hassle.

Wide variety of options

Who doesn’t like having options when it comes to selecting the perfect cake? Buying a cake from a physical cake shop provides one with limited options to choose from. Online cake shops on the other hand, offer an extensive range of cakes including the choice of customisation, aimed to suit the tastes and design of the birthday boy or girl. Whether it is a Disney character or a masterpiece incorporated with elements of nature, have both the flavours and aesthetics of your cake taken care of under one roof. 

Great way of surprising your loved ones

Additional benefits offered through ordering online is being able to surprise those who are not near to you for various reasons. Having a cake delivered is a great way to show loved ones that you care. Need a great way to surprise a good friend for their birthday? Now you can do so by arranging for a birthday cake delivery at a preferred time slot, or better yet, have it sent over at the stroke of midnight!

Avoid forgetting a cake for the occasion

If you're planning on ordering a cake, placing your order online can help to ensure that the special occasion isn’t forgotten amidst your busy schedule. All that is required is for you to enter the date and time of the delivery, after which the cake will arrive at its destination on time, even if you’ve forgotten about it. With this feature, you’ll never forget an occasion and will always be able to please your girlfriend, wife and anyone among your family and friends.

Saves time and effort

How often have you found yourself having to visit many cake shops before finding the perfect cake? For some, it can mean shaving to spend a good deal of time doing so. In contrast, ordering your cakes online prevents tiring yourself out, only requiring you to move your fingers as you sit in the comfort of your home.

Instead of travelling from one place to another, utilise the convenience of online shopping to save valuable time and effort. That said, avoid making common mistakes when ordering cakes online, such as ordering at the last-minute or not reading the dimensions.

Tips for ordering the perfect cake online for every occasion

Tips for ordering the perfect cake online for every occasion

For many, ordering a cake from an online cake shop might seem like a complicated process unlike purchases made from physical bakeries. However, did you know that these online bakery stores can actually be more efficient and reliable with their services, as well as the quality of products sold? 

Online cake shops provide a shopping experience that is a smooth and relaxing procedure. That said, there are many considerations you’ll have to keep in mind to ensure the right cake is chosen for every occasion. To get you started, here are some necessary tips that you should be mindful of, be it a big birthday bash or a simple dinner gathering at home. 

Accommodate different preferences and allergies

There are various reasons why one might choose to avoid a particular sort of cake; for one, they may be avoiding ingredients such as sugar to shed off a few extra pounds. Some may be lactose intolerant and unable to ingest dairy products such as milk and cream, while others may be allergic to common allergens such as nuts.

Ingredient substitutes are widely available in the event you wish to streamline your options or even customise your cake. However, there are still some things you should look out for. Are any of your guests allergic to nuts? Do you have guests who are staying away from sugar and might prefer a sugar free cake? What about vegan cakes for those on vegan diets? Everyone has unique dietary restrictions and preferences. 

Hence, it is crucial to clarify with your guests if they have any allergies or dietary requirements to prevent an awkward situation. You wouldn’t want to accidentally hand a vegan a slice of cake made with eggs and dairy cream, so be sure to accommodate different preferences, or have an alternative option prepared. 

Be sensitive to religion 

Similar to the point mentioned above, some guests avoid consuming ingredients in line with their religious practices. For instance, some faiths follow a lacto-vegetarian diet, consuming dairy products but avoiding all other animal products such as eggs, poultry, fish, and meat. Some also require food to be certified as halal, so check if ingredients such as gelatin and emulsifiers are halal-certified. 

Singapore is a country with a melting pot of different cultures, so it comes as no surprise that your guests practise different religions with varying beliefs. Be sure to check in with attendees and find out what ingredients they can or can’t consume. Afterwhich, clarify with your baker what you’d like to avoid in your cake to practise cultural sensitivity.

Select the right flavour 

With so many flavours for cakes in the market, selecting the right flavour can be a real challenge. When deciding on a flavour, make sure to choose one that will be a crowd-pleaser. Don’t think about what you like, but consider what most of the attendees of a party would lean towards. Popular choices usually include either a vanilla or a chocolate product, but if you really wish to influence your guests, then opt for something trending as in cake flavour which is currently ruling the hearts of all.

Ensure that you have the order placed in advance

Cakes usually require a while to bake and decorate. Therefore,  it is advised that you place your cake order in advance when planning your time around the party. This is particularly crucial if you are hoping for a customised cake as this allows your baker an appropriate amount of time to prepare well according to your requirements, and on time. 

Choosing the right cake size

The right cake size depends on the number of attendees who will be at your event. While you may be able to get away with a cake that’s too big, the same cannot be said for the opposite. Choosing the perfectly sized cake that ensures there is enough cake to go around will show that you have carefully considered your guests and their needs. 

Cake sizes typically vary according to shape. The general rule is that each slice of cake should be about an inch and a half wide. It would also be helpful to adjust your cake size according to your guests’ preferences - a 6-inch cake could serve 4 to 8 people, while an 8-inch cake will be able to serve at least 10. If you’re unsure of which to go for, we recommend speaking with your baker to get a rough estimate of what the size of your cake ought to be.

Consider the theme of your party

Apart from the occasion, another aspect to take into account is the theme of the party. For example, a wedding cake tends to be larger and comes in either white or various pastel colours. Designing it with florals can also contribute to making it more aesthetically pleasing. Conversely, birthday cakes usually come with a compact size and design. Whatever the occasion, make sure to choose the theme of the cake depending on the ceremony. Otherwise, it could run the risk of seeming a little unfitting for the occasion.

Fix your budget

Setting a budget before starting on your cake shopping will play an important role in your choice of cake. If it is a wedding cake you’re ordering, it’s crucial to take into account other large expenses there might be as well. Things like customisation and rush orders will also incur extra costs, so be mindful of these additional charges. You may also wish to inquire whether delivery charges are included in the price to prevent any surprises upon receiving the invoice. Fix your budget and proceed accordingly with peace of mind.

6 Trending birthday cake ideas

6 Trending birthday cake ideas

Cakes have long been associated with celebrations for many generations and have come to evolve in taste, colours, and even design. The cake market of today is an ever-moving feast of deliciousness – not just in terms of flavour, but also for the eyes. From cartoon characters to be depicted in icing for the little ones, to a minimalist cake for a simple celebrant, learn more about the sweetest trends of today’s birthday cakes to stay ahead of the curve and create an unforgettable event.

Character cakes

Nothing elicits a smile quite like a beloved character turned into a birthday cake design, which explains why character cakes are a popular choice at children’s birthday parties. 

When ordering your birthday cake online, seek inspiration from the Frozen gang, or consider the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs. For Superhero fans, check out Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Characters from Minions, Angry Birds and Star Wars are also popular options. Whether it's their favourite superhero or cartoon character, there is bound to be a perfect cake that will brighten your child's day.

Rainbow cakes

It’s no surprise how rainbow cakes have been dominating social media for all of their existence, simply because of just how stunning and eye-catching they are. With each layer tinted with a bright and vibrant colour to look like a rainbow, rainbow cakes provide a fun, creative, and attractive appearance. 

Along with a mild vanilla flavour and light, tender crumbs, it’s ideal for those who do not like too much sugar in their desserts. Whether the celebrant loves rainbows or enjoys attractive and light colours, a rainbow cake is the best addition to a birthday party, especially if you are searching for an elegant and impressive showstopper.

Hand-painted cakes

Hand-painted cakes

Hand painted cakes are one of the most admired cake design trends of the moment, and painting on cakes is one of the most versatile skills a cake decorator can acquire. This type of design has been strikingly popular over the last years, and with good reason - hand-painted cakes are gorgeous, impressive, and highly customizable. The fun yet elegant designs serve as a good show-stopper at any social event, with designs ranging from pretty florals to contemporary graphics to express creativity. Due to the unique designs that can be added on the plain cake, it’s popular even among bigger celebrations like weddings. 

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Mini cakes

An assortment of mini fresh cream cakes is a great gift for friends or family members with a sweet tooth. These dainty sized cakes will make a delightful addition for intimate gatherings, or sent as an expression of love, gratitude or even if it’s for no other reason apart from missing someone. Choose decorations that are suited for the occasion, simply have hand-piped personalised messages, or have a mix of both! These designs will come together effortlessly and make hearts melt. 

The small sizes that mini cakes come in even makes them a perfect dessert for one of those late-night cravings. With these mini cakes, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a small taste of sweet indulgence.

Two-tier cakes

Two-tier cakes have become the new trendsetter for making all celebrations bigger and better. From decorations like shards, floral pipes, and customisations to standard or unique ways of setting up the two cakes, the design possibilities are unlimited. Depending on the width of the tiers and the portion size, a two-tier cake can serve several dozen people, making it a good option for a medium-sized event, a great for those who believe that there’s no such thing as too much cake.

Minimalist cakes

When it comes to cake designs, minimalism is a unique and tasteful way of decoration. Unlike traditional cakes, this one is understated, which makes it easy on the eye. Minimalist cakes are usually dressed only in icing and are embellished simply. Select a design with crystalized or edible flowers for an element of nature into the cake, adding a whole new dimension of flavour and guise.

Things to keep in mind when ordering your cake online

Things to keep in mind when ordering your cake online

Whatever your reason may be, convenience is a big reason for why people choose to order their cakes online. That said, some tend to overlook what needs to be considered to make sure that you get the right cake, ultimately turning the ‘convenience’ into an ‘inconvenience’. While ordering a cake online is a great thing, there are many things that one also needs to consider before placing your order. This section shares some of the common mistakes people make when ordering cakes online such that you can identify and avoid them.

Payment gateway

Authentic payment gateways are a tell tale sign of the legitimacy of a business. Online businesses must provide authorised as well as secured payment gateways that accept all forms of online payment modes. Some online cake shops may not have cash on delivery services available for their customers, but fret not! Most online stores provide a number of payment options such as through credit card and debit card for one to choose from.

Understand their business ethics

It is always important to look through the ‘About Us’ section whenever you are planning on making a purchase through an online website. This section of any business website touches on their ethics, goals, aims and values. Having an understanding of what their policies are helps customers make a well informed decision on whether or not to make a purchase from the said website. Going through these policies will also come in handy with helping you make a well informed decision. Check for the types of ingredients that the cake shop uses and make sure to further cross check with the testimonials.
Online testimonials 

Online reviews help to give a better understanding of a product from a different and usually honest perspective. This is why testimonials by previous customers are a big help when making a decision as to whether to make a purchase. Reliable online cake shops always respond to their customer’s feedback and inquiries, so be sure to check for responses from the business on their website and social handles to rule out any sign of neglect.

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Questions you may have

We conclude this guide with some questions you might have with regards to ordering your cakes online.

I am currently in another country and would like to send a custom cake to my friend in Singapore. Can I do so?

Yes you can. Customers outside Singapore may choose to make payment via credit card for online orders. Do ensure the recipient will be home for a successful delivery.

Do you provide cakes that are suitable for vegans?

Yes. We have a range of vegan cakes suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Do you provide islandwide cake delivery?

Yes we do. Enjoy free islandwide delivery with above $120 spend, or choose from two modes of delivery:

Option 1: Flexi delivery at $15 flat islandwide.

For Sentosa/Tuas, additional $5 applies.

Time slots: Tuesday- Saturday: 9AM-2PM OR 2PM-7PM.

Sunday: 9AM-12PM OR 12PM-3PM

*Take note that the cake will arrive anytime between this time range and specific timing cannot be chosen. Therefore, please ensure someone is around.

Option 2: Specific timing delivery $30 (Tue-Sun).

For Sentosa/Tuas, additional $5 applies.

You may specify a 1 hour time slot for the arrival of the cake.

How long in advance will I have to make my order?

A notice period of at least 2 days is required for classic cream cakes and mini cakes, while all other customised cakes would need 5 to 7 days of notice depending on design. You may utilise our filter at the sidebar to filter cakes by the number of days of notice needed.


We hope this guide has been useful in showing you how to go about ordering the perfect cake for your big event. With these tips, you can be sure that your cake will be both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, on top of being ready in time for your special occasion. 

Searching for reliable cake delivery services in Singapore? Zee & Elle carries an extensive range of artisanal cakes suited for all occasions. Reach out to the team at Zee & Elle to discover the best cakes for you and your loved ones today!

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