colourful sweet dessert in singapore

3 Sweet Ways To Surprise Your Friends For A Special Occasion

colourful sweet dessert in singapore

No special occasion is ever complete without desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and make the event even more worth remembering. So if you are attending a friend’s party to celebrate a milestone together soon, one of the best ways to show your love is by surprising them with desserts!

Alas, with so many dessert options to choose from, how can you truly stand out from the crowd? Here are three sweet ways to make the occasion memorable - read on to find out more. 

1. Send your friend a dessert box

cupcakes hand calligraphy

Dessert boxes are perfect for that friend who has the biggest sweet tooth or simply cannot make up their mind on their favourite dessert. You will get to choose one that comes with a selection of sweet treats, ranging from cakes to tarts and brownies - there is something for everyone. 

Some of them can even be customised according to the occasion, like our Hand-Calligraphy Cupcake Gift Set. Consider this option if you are looking to add a personalised touch to your gift; we guarantee your friend will appreciate the effort! 

Most bakeries in Singapore offer dessert box delivery service too so you will not have to worry about lugging boxes to the event yourself in the hot weather. 

2. Order a mini cake

mini cakes in singapore

Instead of getting a friend a large-sized birthday cake, why not consider ordering a mini cake? It is perfect for smaller and intimate gatherings and will prevent food wastage. Apart from that, mini cakes that are dainty-sized are also cute and aesthetically pleasing - ticking the boxes of that friend who loves all things Instagram-worthy. 

Having mini cakes at a celebration also means getting to try more flavours since you will get to order more - great if your friend cannot decide on just one flavour. Add our Midday Reverie Mini Cakes to your cart to pamper that special friend as it comes in four different flavours - honey yuzu, guava lychee, all chocolate and chocolate hazelnut praline. 

3. Go for a cake bundle

honey bunny plush toy

Last but not least, go the extra mile by ordering a cake bundle that comes with a plush toy or flowers to add pizzazz to your gift! While cakes are perishables and will be gone once eaten, the plush toy or flowers will last for eternity; acting as keepsakes for your friend to take a walk down memory lane whenever they want to. 

Our There's No Bunny Like You Bundle will warm your recipient’s heart with the adorable Jellycat plush while keeping their stomach full with the melon lychee cake. 

Or get the You Are My Honey Bunny Bundle so your friend can cuddle with Noodoll Riceball while enjoying the honey yuzu fresh cream cake. 

Online cake delivery in Singapore

These three sweet but simple ways to surprise a friend will leave them feeling fuzzy inside! Here at Zee & Elle, an online cake delivery service in Singapore, we pride ourselves on baking cakes and desserts that will bring smiles to your recipient’s face. Check out our selection of sweet treats suitable for every occasion.  

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