dessert box delivery for gender reveal party

5 Gender Reveal Party Essentials You Need To Get For A Fun Celebration

dessert box delivery for gender reveal party

Expecting a child and growing a bun in the oven can be stressful and daunting, especially for first-time parents but there are also many fun moments to look forward to! Apart from your baby’s arrival, one of the most exciting stages of your pregnancy will probably be the gender reveal party. 

Have no idea what you need to prepare? Here are five gender reveal party essentials you need to get for a celebration worth remembering - check them out below. 

1. Gender reveal cake

gender reveal cake ordered online

The highlight of the event is often the cake which will be used to reveal the gender of the baby so naturally, putting more effort into the design and flavour should be of utmost importance. Have a brief idea of what you want your cake to look like before ordering it online in Singapore to make the process easier. 

Most gender reveal cakes by online cake shops tend to go for blue and pink shades for the frosting but gender-neutral colours have been gaining popularity in recent years, so this is something to consider too. Of course, the colour of the cake sponge is the main aspect that will reveal the gender of your baby. 

Remember to request a “boy or girl?” cake topper too to add the finishing touch! 

2. Dessert boxes

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No party is ever complete without desserts and what better way to show appreciation to your guests for attending than with dessert boxes they can bring home to indulge in? Fill those boxes with cupcakes that are still in line with the gender reveal theme and other treats that will satisfy their sweet tooth; your guests will surely thank you for them! 

3. Assortment of themed desserts

desert box delivery sample

While dessert boxes are more suitable for guests to bring home, your gender reveal party should also include a dessert table with an assortment of treats to keep your guests’ cravings satisfied throughout the party. Mini desserts are great as they are aesthetically pleasing yet not too filling; consider brownies, tarts, doughnuts and cupcakes that are all crowd favourites. 

4. Decorations

Just like how a party is incomplete without desserts, decorations also make up the bulk of the ambience of your gender reveal party. Hence, never skimp on decorations as they could make or break the entire look of your party. 

In fact, it is even recommended that you decide on decorations before ordering your gender reveal cake online so you can choose a cake with decorations in line with the overall theme of your party. 

5. Gender reveal games

With the cake, desserts and decorations settled, the next step is to plan some fun games to keep everyone entertained before the big reveal! 

Some popular gender reveal games include guessing the baby’s name and voting on the baby’s gender. 

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