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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Cake Online

When it comes to making purchases today, most people lean towards online shopping rather than going to a physical store. This trend is set to persist, as it is estimated that 58% of the Singapore population will procure their goods online in the following years. The appeal? It’s all about that convenience — you click a few buttons and your products are at your doorstep in a jiffy. Given that Singaporeans have a deep love for food and a penchant for sweet treats, there’s been a surge in online orders for cakes as well. However, while highly convenient, it is still easy to overlook certain details during the ordering process, resulting in unmet expectations. In this article, we’ve listed down four common mistakes to avoid when buying your cakes online in Singapore to ensure that every delivery hits the mark according to your taste buds and expectations.

Last Minute Orders 

In this highly digitalised era, we have come to expect speed and efficiency in all aspects of our lives. Nevertheless, cake delivery is a different matter. The cake you have your heart set on may not be readily available at the bakery, which is why most cake shops include buffer time in their delivery procedure. Different bakeries follow different processes. For instance, at Fieldnotes, some of our cakes require two days advance notice, giving our team sufficient time to create quality sweet treats that are sure to delight our customers. Planning your purchase early also allows you more time to review product descriptions thoroughly, preventing any misreads and misclicks that could lead to wrong orders. 

Not Paying Attention to Cake Dimensions

As visual beings, we often focus on the decorations and flavours when browsing through cakes online. Yet, one of the most essential elements lies in its size. This becomes particularly vital when you are hosting an event or a party and need to ensure there is enough for all your guests. The last thing you want is not having enough cake to go around, leaving some empty-handed. On the other hand, having too much cake can lead to leftovers and unnecessary wastage since they cannot be stored for extended periods even when refrigerated. Therefore, always consider your cake dimension and strategise the portion size for each person. As a rule of thumb, a regular 6-inch cake should serve 8-10 pax. 

Not Considering Delivery Time

Birthday Cake Celebration

The perishable nature of cakes emphasises the importance of prompt cake delivery to ensure optimal freshness and quality. A delay in delivery might compromise the cake’s appeal both in taste and appearance. Furthermore, special occasions often involve tight schedules and a late delivery could disrupt planned celebrations. Fortunately, these setbacks can be easily mitigated simply by factoring in delivery time. At Fieldnotes, we understand the importance of well-timed deliveries. As such, customers can select specific dates and timings for the arrival of their cake during the online ordering process with us!

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Inadequate Communication

Customisation is perhaps one of the most fun and exciting parts of buying a cake online. From the messaging to fillings and flavours, you enjoy free rein to tailor your cake accordingly. However, as personalised cakes deviate from standard flavours and matching profiles, proper communication is vital in achieving the cake of your dreams. A lack of communication could lead to you receiving a dessert that is completely different from what you had in mind. Many online requests feature a text box for special orders, so carefully specify your exact requirements. After which, you can even take it a step further by contacting the bakery cake shop to confirm your order.

Above are just some of the mistakes to take note of when purchasing your cake online. Considering these pointers before making a decision not only enhances the ordering process but also ensures the best cake delivery experience every single time. 

Fieldnotes is a trusted bakery in Singapore, committed to providing a variety of delicious cakes for you to indulge in. Our team continuously explores new techniques with the freshest ingredients, giving our customers the best they deserve. Craving something sweet? Visit our website today and satiate your appetite!  

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