Our Party Guide: 5 Steps to Choosing a Colour Palette

Our Party Guide: 5 Steps to Choosing a Colour Palette

Planning for a party is tremendous work and effort. Especially having to come up with a theme or a colour palette. Well, let us ease it up with this ultimate 5 steps to picking a colour palette for any celebrations!
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Planning a party or celebration can take a lot of time especially when there are so many factors to consider: customised cakes, desserts, decorations and more. Hence, the ZE team has decided to push forward A Party Guide Series during this circuit breaker for you guys! (and it’s never too early to plan!) Today, we’re about to set the basics on choosing a colour palette for your future parties! Get ready your pen and paper ;-) 

  1. Choosing a theme

Is there a favourite cartoon character you like? Or a naturistic forest theme? Or simply just your favourite colours? Since it's going to be YOUR birthday party, it’s best to choose a theme that portrays your personality or will be something that you would love definitely! Well, we get why it’s difficult to choose a theme when you’re someone who loves everything. Tip: Use Pinterest! Search up “Birthday Themes” or “Birthday Party Decorations” and you’ll get a list of birthday set ups that you can truly nail down to. Especially with all the time during this circuit breaker in your hands, now is the best period to do all the researching and exploring on your own personal style! If you have already come up with a theme, it gets pretty straightforward with the colours! 

peranakan themed cake -zeeandelle peranakan colours

 Colours of Zee & Elle Peranakan Cake inspired by Destination to Inspiration:Peranakan Pretty, Madam Zozo 

Here in Singapore, Zee & Elle puts a lot of thought and research into customizing cakes based on a theme for you guys! One example here is a peranakan-themed cake which we took inspiration of colours to use from multiple sources on the web! 

2. Rule of Three

When in doubt, always choose a maximum of 3 colours as it would limit the number of clashing colours, as well as give a simple, classy birthday party look that is easy on the eyes (unless you’re going all out on the rainbow theme). 

3. Using an online image colour picker

An online image colour picker helps to identify different colours in a photo. colour palette for you from a desired photo. Nail down the 3 colours you think would coordinate best!

Pink Piglet Cake -Zeeandelle

Pink Piglet Cake with a colour palette

4. Pairing colours

If choosing a theme is difficult, you can simply choose a favourite colour and pair it with basic colours such as black, gold or white

Basic White black and gold colour palette -zeeandelle

Black, Gold and White colour palette

5. Ombre colours 

Alternatively, going for an ombre effect with your favourite colour also works. For example if your favourite colour is orange, you can get a sunset ombre colour palette. Or if your favourite colour is blue, you can get an oceanic ombre colour palette! After selecting your colour palette, everything else will easily fall into place. 


Sunset Floral Watercolour Cake - Zeeandelle sunset image -zeeandelle

       ZE Sunset Watercolour Cake.                                    Source:Unsplash

Ocean inspired cakes -zeeandelle ocean and sealife -zeeandelle

         ZE Ocean Colour Cake Palette                      Source:Unsplash


Ombre Pink balloons

Source: Unsplash

We hope this Party Guide series will continue helping you in your plans for any celebrations. Do let us know what other party struggles you have in the comments or via our instagram. The most important thing of all, is enjoying the process of planning and styling your party! Don’t be pressured or stressed out with the norms. Let your creativity flow as there is never a right or wrong in creating a birthday set up, and it's all about having fun! 

For now, stay safe and let’s hope this COVID-19 situation will start to ease up for everyone <3 

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