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Save the cake: Wedding cake designs

Choosing your wedding cake - whether ready-made or bespoke designs - should be a beautiful experience to complement the joys of your wedding journey. Besides having multiple tiers, other things that are important in a wedding cake are its taste and style. While wedding cake trends often come and go, there is nothing like a wedding cake that is just as memorable as your love story.

At Zee & Elle, we work closely with our couples to create a cake that tells their wedding story. This gives us the pleasure of sharing the wedding journey of many couples, and our favourite type of wedding cake is the kind that complements your wedding decor perfectly. Here are some tips we have learned from our couples along the way to picking out the perfect wedding cake

1. Choose a cake only after making major wedding style designs

Ideal Venue For A Wedding

A wedding is made up of many different elements that are curated to tell your beautiful story. It is no surprise that your wedding cake is one of the elements that are important to tell a story. In most cases, the elements form the foundations of the story, hence, it helps to have decisions  on those details like venue, flowers, and styling made before choosing a wedding cake design. As such, we advise couples to enquire about their wedding cake three to six months before the wedding date.

2. Complement the cake’s height to space

Unlike other cakes, your wedding cake should be a work of art. Therefore, it is important to also consider the size of your room when designing it. For instance, if you are holding an outdoor wedding under a marquee, you may need a taller cake like our Floral Sunset Watercolour Cake (TALL 4x6 inch), to create an impression. Baked and designed with beautiful hues of blue, orange, and purple to recreate a vision of sunset, this wedding cake is further adorned with seasonal fresh flowers and foliage to bring out the feel of nature.

Floral Sunset Watercolour Wedding Cake

Even though most cake shops in Singapore only offer two or three-tiered wedding cakes available for order, you can always get them to customise a taller cake for your wedding. On the other hand, you do not always need to have more cake to do this - the cake designer can always add iced dummy tiers for more height without changing the outward appearance of your cake. 

3. Consider the dressing of your cake

Besides the height and flavour of your cake, you should also consider how you would like it to be presented. For example, what other elements would you like to be a part of the display - cake stand and flowers? To ensure that your cake looks good, you can always liaise with your wedding coordinator, florist, stylist, as well as cake designer on how all of these will come together on your big day. 

These are some cake designs that may complement your wedding venue and theme: 

  • Generally, for weddings that are held indoors at hotel ballrooms, the theme that brides opt for is usually chic and elegant. As such, boho or rustic cake designs may not be as ideal to complement the venue. Thus,  you may consider opting for a cake like our Black Marble Cascade Cake instead. Though it’s dark in colour, this stunner exudes a soft elegance with fresh florals and accents of white and gold tones. 

Black Gold Marble Wedding Cake

  • For couples who want a minimalistic wedding, it’s good to note that minimalism does not necessarily have to be stark. You can choose simple white wedding cakes from cake shops in Singapore like Zee & Elle, that are elevated with fresh flowers, foliage, and gold accents. 
  • As marriage is often considered a bond between two different people, some couples may opt for a wedding cake of mixed mediums like our Muted Pastels Enchanted Cake. The organic and comforting nature of a nearly naked chocolate cake is lightly frosted with white buttercream, juxtaposed against a base layer of a different texture. Fresh flowers in a blend of demure pastels and greenery merge the two aesthetics perfectly. 

Muted Pastels Wedding Cake

  • Despite the many designs available, some couples may still want a classic wedding cake instead to celebrate their love. Our White Flower & Twigs Cake is another breathtaking example of beauty in restrained elegance. White-coloured buttercream and stems of white florals tucked into its layers is a cake that will be remembered even as you celebrate your wedding anniversaries many years on. 

White Flowers And Twig Wedding Cake

For bohemian brides, you should always choose organically placed vines, or delicate flower wreaths to complement your style. Whereas if your style is more contemporary, then a smooth finish, with minimal details will always do the trick. Traditional white is not your only option if you’re more of a classic bride - fresh florals, watercolours, and subtle design elements can all evoke the timeless touch that you desire. If your reception is outdoors, then it is ideal to take inspiration from your surroundings.

Ultimately, it’s your wedding, your cake, and your day. So you should focus on the dream cake you want to have for your celebration. Visit our cake shop in Singapore or browse for wedding cake designs online for inspiration. 

Let us be a part of the biggest day in your life. Visit our online store to find out more about delivery options when you order your wedding cake from us. 

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