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Tips: Choosing the Perfect Birthday Cake

Looking for the perfect birthday cake? We've got you! In this blogpost, we share some tips to help you find the perfect cake for your next big day! 

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Totoro Garden Cake

Welcome back dreamers! Planning a birthday party is always full of excitement. One of my favorite parts of planning a birthday party is choosing a cake because I LOVE cakes! Since the possibilities for birthday cakes are endless, there is definitely a bit of science behind making sure you get the right cake for your special day. Here are some tips to help when you organize your next big day!

Set a Budget 

Cakes can cost a pretty penny, therefore, it is important to set a budget for the cake and stick to it. Additionally, delivery charges can cost you around $10-$30 depending on the bakery’s pricing structure and your location.  If you are tight on budget, do check with the bakery beforehand for their delivery fees. Bakeries like Zee & Elle offer self collection of cakes to help customers waive off unnecessary costs. 

Determine the Number of Guests

The size of the cake is heavily dependent on the number of guests that will be attending the party. It is important to select a cake that caters to your party. A cake too small would be insufficient for everyone to enjoy and the contrary would stretch your budget and leave you with leftovers. 

Match the Party Theme

Your birthday cake will stand out if it fits with the overall decor. Having a minimalist theme would mean that you opt for a simple, single coloured cake. For your child’s safari-themed party, a nature-like cake decorated with lions, pandas, elephants and other safari animals would be a perfect fit. On the other hand, a cake decorated into the shape of a wine bottle would add a touch of funkiness to your wine party! 

Selecting the Flavour 

When selecting a birthday cake, it is important to pick a flavour that the birthday girl/boy enjoys! If the birthday cake is for a child’s party, make sure to pick from popular flavours such as strawberry and chocolate. There are honestly so many new inventions in the market - Vanilla Lemon, Black Sesame Hojicha, Honey Yuzu, you name it! If you are open to trying out these new innovations, be sure to check out Zee & Elle’s wide range of flavours here

Choosing the perfect birthday cake will become less challenging when you take your budget, party size, party theme and flavour into consideration. It does not matter if you are baking the cake from scratch or ordering it from a bakery, following these tips will ensure that the cake will surprise you and your loved ones on a very special occassion. 

We hope that you have learnt a little something from this post. If you have ordered a cake from Zee & Elle, share your moments with us by tagging  @zeeandellesg #zecommunity on instagram and stand a chance to win a box of 16 tarts on your next purchase!

Till next time, stay safe Dreamers!


Team ZE

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