Customising The Perfect Wedding Cake According To Flower Meanings

Customising The Perfect Wedding Cake According To Flower Meanings

Customising The Perfect Wedding Cake According To Flower Meanings

Customising a wedding or wedding anniversary cake is no easy feat as lots of thought has to be put into it for the end result to be a memory worth remembering. With so many design options to choose from, you may also be wondering which one is the best way to convey your love to your significant other on this special occasion. 

Well, we recommend considering adorning your wedding cake with flowers as these beautiful blooms are not just aesthetically pleasing and versatile, but each flower has its own meaning too. Make it an occasion that will stick with you for years to come and use your cake design to make a promise to your other half. 

Here are some of the most popular flowers and their accompanying meanings - read on to find out more.

1. Baby’s breath

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Mini blooms that signify big meanings; the baby’s breath is a popular choice for wedding cakes thanks to its minimalist outlook and variety of colours to choose from. It represents purity, sincerity, love, compassion, trust, everlasting love, innocence, and romance - what better way to celebrate your big day than a cake decorated with baby’s breath? 

2. Carnation

Carnations are generally used to signify love and fascination but what is unique about these lovely blooms is that different colours have different symbolisation. For instance, dark red conveys feelings of deep love and affection which is perfect for a wedding cake, while pink represents gratitude and the concept of never forgetting someone; great for a wedding anniversary cake to reiterate your love.

3. Daisy

Sophisticated-looking daisies symbolise beauty, love, and fertility, along with motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings. If starting a mini family of your own soon is something you and your partner wish for, then daisies are the perfect choice for your wedding cake design for bountiful blessings! 

4. Rose

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Everybody associates roses with romance not without reason. In case you did not know, red roses are one of the most popular colours and that is because they signify love, beauty, courage and passion - everything you want in a healthy and long-lasting marriage. 

5. Hyacinth

The hyacinth was regarded as the flower of the sun god Apollo in Greek mythology and represents peace, commitment and beauty. However, it also signifies power and pride so if you wish to show everyone just how proud you are of marrying the love of your life, hyacinths will make the perfect complement to your wedding cake.

6. Hydrangea

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Always wondered why so many couples love having hydrangeas at their wedding? That is because their big flowers are lush and gorgeous, and can fit right into any wedding style. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, hydrangeas also symbolise gratitude, grace, beauty, perseverance and heartfelt emotion; just what you need on your wedding cake to make it a night to remember. 

7. Peony

Traditionally given on special occasions as an expression of goodwill, best wishes, and joy, peonies can also be included on wedding cakes to signify love, honour, happiness, romance, and beauty. Choose from deep reds to light pinks to suit your wedding theme

8. Sunflower

Sunflowers are bright blooms that will instantly spruce up your wedding cake design but if you are still on the fence, this might convince you - it is said that in Chinese culture, sunflowers will bring in good luck and they signify everlasting happiness. 

9. Tulip

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The uniquely-shaped tulips represent perfection and deep love - two things you will surely want to convey to your other half on your big day. If words are not enough, let your actions do the talking instead by choosing a wedding cake adorned with beautiful tulips. 

10. Orchid

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Orchids are the perfect blooms to celebrate all of life’s special moments as they signify thoughtfulness, fertility, beauty, charm, and love. Go for white orchids and add a bit more pizzazz by pairing it with a gold-themed wedding cake

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