6 Popular Birthday Cake Design Trends That Will Stand The Test Of Time

6 Popular Birthday Cake Design Trends That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Ordering a birthday cake online in Singapore for your loved one can be tricky with a plethora of options available. Apart from deciding on the flavour, the other most important aspect to consider is the cake design to ensure it suits the theme of the event or the personality of the receiver. 

Although following trends to help you decide on a cake design can be a good idea, they may not work all the time as trends tend to enjoy fleeting popularity. 

Thankfully, there are some popular birthday cake design trends that will stand the test of time - read on to find out what they are so you can surprise your loved ones with something they will surely love at their next celebration. 

1. Paint or brush stroke effect

The paint or brush stroke effect cake design has been in trend for a few years now, thanks to its exquisite design that never stops impressing. Most would opt for a combination of pastel colours for something more dainty-looking but any other colour would work too as it boils down to preference. 

Paint or brush stroke effect order birthday cake online singapore

The Multicolour Brushstroke Cake features a colour palette inspired by nature; consider getting this for a loved one who enjoys basking in the sun outdoors.

2. Flowers and foliage

While pretty blooms and foliage are often used to decorate wedding cakes, they have also been popular options for birthday cakes for the longest time. A rustic-themed cake with a wide range of flowers to choose from and additional foliage to spruce the cake up is perfect for the birthday party of your dreams.

Flowers and foliage order birthday cake online singapore

The Strawberry Chamomile Naked Cake will earn praise for its unique ‘naked’ outlook that stands out from the crowd while the strawberries, daisies and leaves complement the cake design down to a T.

3. Marble

Ask any birthday cake shop owner in Singapore what is the most popular cake design and they will probably reply “marble”. The intricate pattern gives off a luxurious and expensive vibe while the colour options are endless at the same time; reminiscent of real marble. Choose to go for a two-tier cake to wow your guests or keep things simple with just one tier because either way, the marble design will be enough to make it a celebration to remember.

Marble order birthday cake online singapore

The Marble & Gold Cake comes with gold chocolate shards in marble hexagons and circles, further amping up the luxe factor.

4. All-white

An all-white design is another popular option for wedding cakes but who is to say it cannot be replicated for birthday celebrations too? In fact, minimalists will love it for its clean and simple design. We recommend speaking with your chosen birthday cake shop to see how else they can add some pizzazz to an all-white cake, such as incorporating gold details or white flowers.

All-white order birthday cake online singapore

The My Wildflower Mini Cake is an ideal example of an all-white cake that is not the least bit mundane-looking all thanks to the gold details and Italy Ruscus flower.

5. Gold details

While we are on the topic of gold details, this nifty trick and trend of adding edible gold flakes to a birthday cake is certainly here to stay. Any plain-looking cake will instantly look like it is something fit for royalty with the addition of gold flakes, perhaps explaining why it is so well-favoured by bakers and customers alike.

Gold details order birthday cake online singapore

The Emerald Marble Odyssey Mini Cake will tick all your boxes for a sophisticated-looking cake that anybody will love.

6. Korean-style

Last but not least, Korean-style birthday cakes have been all the rage in the past few years and we do not see the trend dying down anytime soon. The designs focus more on simplicity with a touch of cuteness or personalisation here and there to make your recipient feel ultra loved.

Korean-style order birthday cake online singapore

The Happy Birthday Korean Style Cake is a buttercream cake that comes complete with piping of flowers and leaves to keep things classy for the birthday girl or boy. 

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