Top 4 Reasons To Choose Dessert Boxes For Your Next Party Or Special Occasion

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Dessert Boxes For Your Next Party Or Special Occasion

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Dessert Boxes For Your Next Party Or Special Occasion

Cakes are usually the first choice when it comes to having a sweet treat at your party or special occasion, and this is not without reason.

However, not many think of getting dessert boxes which is a shame as they too, will make the perfect addition to any occasion! 

Not convinced? Here are the top four reasons why you need dessert boxes delivered to you in Singapore for your next event. Read on to find out more. 

1. Wide variety of desserts

While cakes are also must-haves at any celebration, having dessert boxes serve as an alternative for guests who prefer having more variety. You will get to choose to include mini treats like cupcakes, brownies, tarts and more in each box so that there is something for everyone. 

This also means getting to choose between more flavours for the different desserts and not having to stick to just one, which is usually the case if you are only having a cake that will be shared amongst all your guests. 

2. Great for any kind of occasion

Dessert boxes available in Singapore are also extremely versatile and can be included in any kind of occasion, ranging from birthday parties to weddings, guo da li, baby’s first month celebrations and gender reveal parties too. 

For instance, dessert boxes can be given to your guests following the event to show your appreciation that they made time to attend. They can also be given out to family and friends as part of the guo da li ceremony and baby’s first-month celebration; sending sweet desserts out signify gratitude and blessings. 

all occasion dessert box delivery in Singapore

3. Higher aesthetic appeal

Although an entire cake can be designed according to your wishes and down to a T, dessert boxes give you more free rein in a sense, as you will get to choose between a few different designs or colours. Cupcake frostings can come in your preferred colour theme while other desserts can be decorated with motifs that are in line with your celebration. 

Dessert boxes are also Instagram-worthy and come as a set - let your guests indulge in aesthetically pleasing desserts that will make it an event to remember. 

4. Highly customisable

Last but not least, dessert boxes are also highly customisable, just like cakes! Decide to include wordings (such as initials, age or date), colours (according to your celebration’s theme) and your preferred choice of desserts in the box to build one-of-a-kind sets for your guests to enjoy or bring home. 

You will also get to specify how many pieces of desserts you want in each box, catering for both small and large celebrations. 

Order your dessert boxes from Zee & Elle

zee & elle dessert box delivery in Singapore

Here at Zee & Elle, an online cake shop in Singapore, we offer a wide range of dessert box options including cupcakes, brownies and tarts. They come in different colours, designs and flavours that will surely tick all your boxes and tickle your taste buds. 

If cupcakes and brownies are not your cups of tea, consider getting tarts instead and we can have them delivered to you in Singapore too. We have boxes of assorted tarts in refreshing flavours that are great if you prefer something lighter. Drop us an email to customize your very own dessert box with us today! 

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