Birthday Cakes: Is It Better to Bake It Yourself or Order Online?

Birthday Cakes: Is It Better to Bake It Yourself or Order Online?

Birthdays are joyous occasions, marking the special day a unique individual was brought to the world. When commemorating a birthday, you would want to ensure a memorable and enjoyable celebration, and what better way than to present your loved one with a nice birthday cake? Birthday cakes are indispensable, serving as a token of appreciation and elevating any party. But this then begs the question - is it better to bake your own cake from scratch or order online from a reputable bakery? While taking the time to bake a cake demonstrates thought and effort, buying one offers much more convenience. Let’s take a look as we compare and contrast both approaches in this article! 

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Baking a Cake 

Someone Baking a Cake

Time and effort

Though baking may seem like a fun and thoughtful idea, it is also time-consuming due to the many different steps involved - preparation, mixing, baking and decoration. Firstly, the preparation phase requires gathering ingredients, precise measurements and often sifting dry ingredients such as flour or cocoa powder. During the mixing stage, carefully blending the batter guarantees the perfect texture and consistency, which can take some time, especially if you do not have the right equipment. Next, baking demands patience as the birthday cake cooks at a specific temperature for a set amount of time. Depending on the recipe and size of the cake, this usually ranges from 25 minutes to an hour. Finally, after baking, the cake needs to cool before frosting and decorating. Nonetheless, if done right, the result is a delicious, homemade cake that showcases your effort and love for the person celebrating their birthday.  

Personalisation options 

Compared to ordering a birthday cake online, baking offers a myriad of opportunities for personalisation, making it a creative and customisable culinary endeavour. From selecting the flavour and type of cake batter to choosing fillings, frostings and decorations, each decision not only allows for unique expression, but can also be tailored to the taste and preferences of the receiver. Whether it is experimenting with different flavour combinations, catering to dietary requirements like gluten-free or vegan ingredients or crafting intricate designs, the possibilities are endless!  

Ultimately, we recommend baking your own cake only if you have experience doing so. Cake baking can be a finicky process, posing the risk of having to spend even more to purchase a cake at the last minute if the end product falls short. 

Purchasing a Cake Online

Buying Cake Online

Ease and Convenience 

With just a few clicks or taps, ordering a birthday cake online enables you to browse through a wide variety of options, saving time and effort. Online cake ordering platforms typically provide descriptions, images and reviews, so customers can make more informed decisions. Furthermore, the convenience of doorstep birthday cake delivery or pickup eliminates the need for transportation and ensures the cake arrives fresh and ready to enjoy. This hassle-free process grants access to professional-quality cakes without the need for baking skills or specialised equipment. 


Unlike baking your own cake, the only preparation involved in online orders is reading through each cake description and selecting the right delivery time and date. The cake descriptions detail important information including the size, flavour, filling and sometimes ingredients used as well. This affirms that the cake aligns with the birthday individual’s preferences and dietary restrictions, guaranteeing a delightful surprise. If none of the descriptors seem suitable, certain bakeries do take requests for customised birthday cakes too! Simply specify your requirements and inquire if the bakers are able to execute your vision. After deciding on the birthday cake, consider factors such as the venue and schedule when choosing your delivery slot. The cake should arrive on time for a truly special birthday celebration.

While some may argue that cake purchases are less thoughtful than baking from scratch, this notion is far from the truth. Taking the time to explore an abundance of cake options and matching the descriptions to the receiver’s taste certainly demonstrates attentiveness, care and love. 

At the end of the day, the choice of baking versus online ordering comes down to your priorities. If you consider yourself an experienced baker with a passion for the culinary arts, then perhaps baking makes for the better alternative. On the other hand, should you prioritise convenience above all else, then ordering your birthday cake online may be preferred. 

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