Handcrafted: Chocolate Ganache

Handcrafted: Chocolate Ganache

"The Remains" is a brand new blog series created to help you guys in any leftover cakes, sauces, sweets, anything and everything! We hope this series would help give you an idea on what you can do with leftover food items! Today's blog touches on Chocolate Ganache and alsonour exclusive recipe :-)

How many times have you felt guilty for having to throw your leftovers? Or had to rack one’s brain on what to do with it? Well - it is very common to have leftovers whenever we cook or bake. Hence, Zee and Elle have decided to start a series, The Remains, to help you in your leftover items! For today, we’ll be covering what you can do with any remaining Chocolate Ganache that you have made, and also touching on our exclusive Chocolate Ganache recipe! 

Chocolate Ganache (Image source: Sally's Baking Addiction)

Ganache’ in French means a mixture of chocolates and heavy cream. Chocolate ganache is usually a silky-smooth mixture made with equal parts of heavy cream to pure chopped chocolates. However, its texture can be altered based on the amount of heavy cream or chocolates you add, making it a very flexible mixture that can be used as a glaze on birthday cakes, icing, filling for pastries and many other purposes. Therefore, a good Chocolate Ganache recipe is a staple in many cake shops or dessert bars in Singapore

First of all, Chocolate Ganache can be stored in the freezer for up  to 3  months. Just remember to defrost it or reheat them in a double boiler before using again! 

Now, what can we actually do with the remaining Chocolate Ganache?

1. Instant Truffle balls: 

Chill your chocolate ganache in the fridge (not the freezer!). Remove the chilled chocolate ganache and roll them into balls. Add your own coatings such as nuts or cocoa powder and you now have instant truffle balls. 

2. Chocolate Mousse:

As mentioned above, the texture of chocolate ganache can be adjusted based on the amount of cream and chocolate. To make a ganache that's thicker and almost mousse-like, more heavy cream must be added. (how much) Whipped them up with a hand mixer or whisk until you achieve a soft fluffy texture. Add some crunch to it with nuts or even digestive biscuits at the bottom! 

3. Chocolate tarts

Making a chocolate tart never seemed easier! You may use any pie crust recipe or even a pre-made pie crust. An easy pie crust recipe is mixing some melted butter into crushed digestive biscuits. Bake them in the oven for around 8mins at 180 °C. After the crust has cooled, pour the chocolate ganache into the pie crust and refrigerate it for at least 2 hours. Add a twist with some orange zest or even sea salt - and now dessert is served! Here in Zee and Elle, our chocolate tarts are in 3 different flavours: Hazelnut Crunch, Chocolate Salted Caramel and Raspberry. These treats may be small in size but definitely big in flavour!

salted caramel chocolate tarts

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tarts

4. Hot chocolate / Mocha: 

Stir in the chocolate ganache into your coffee to make it a Mocha. Or stir it into some hot milk to make it a hot chocolate drink. Perfect for that morning boost!

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (Source: Pexels)

5. Fruit dip:

The combination of chocolates and strawberries can never go wrong! I promise you will not regret dipping some fresh strawberries into some chocolate ganache. If you’re feeling more adventurous and fancier, freeze those strawberries before dipping it into the chocolate ganache mixture. Leave it on the rack to cool and you will have yourself some chocolate-coated strawberries! 

Well, you guys are in for a treat today for we will share our very own Chocolate Ganache recipe used in our infamous Double Chocolate Crunch Cake

Ingredients needed: 

210g heavy cream 

270g of Chocolate (65% Cocoa) 

30g of butter


  1. Heat up the heavy cream in a pot.
  2. Remove from heat and pour heavy cream into 270g of chopped chocolates. Allow chocolates to melt before stirring thoroughly.
  3. Add butter into mixture and mix together. 

double chocolate crunch cake

Double Chocolate Crunch Cake

In Singapore, an average of 1.5kg of food waste is disposed of by each household daily and half of that is contributed by food waste. We hope this series helps inspire you, bakers, to reduce our common food wastage! If you guys want us to cover on other common remains, let us know in the comments below or via our Instagram and Facebook!

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