Discover: Top 5 Stay Home Activities (Local Edition)

Discover: Top 5 Stay Home Activities (Local Edition)

During this circuit breaker, many non-essential local businesses based in Singapore have been threatened with temporary closures. While many of us are trying to find ways to past time at home, we have created a list of local artists that have launched DIY crafts and activities for you guys! With aim of contributing back to our community and supporting local, we hope this list helps you get through this uncertain time.
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With the latest COVID-19 measures, I am sure we are all trying to maintain our sanity of being stuck at home. However, in such uncertain times, our local shops and businesses in Singapore are also all threatened with temporary and permanent closures. If you’re wondering what you can do to help support local, we have put together a list of 5 Local Artists that have come up with Home activities just for you guys. 

1. The Pilates MVMT: Live streams

With swimming pools and gym facilities closed, being cooped up at home can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. However, it’s still important to stay in the pink of health. I’m sure everyone has heard of Pilates, but not many of us know how it actually works do we? Well – now’s the perfect time to learn more about it! The Pilates MVMT has started online Pilates sessions to help keep classes going. Their livestream classes are conducted by professional instructors that will help to correct your posture and clarify any of your doubts. These classes are also capped at 9 pax to provide undivided corrections to everyone. You can find out more about their April Livestream schedules here. Alternatively, they have also published a 10min Pilates routine on their youtube channel for you to enjoy in the comfort of your homes.

2. Deer Folks: DIY kits

Ever tried embroidery? Deer folks has recently posted a short 1min IGTV tutorial on how you can customize your own mask with stitching. Deer folks is a local embroidery shop that not only sells embroideries but also provides customized embroidery and embroidery workshops. With so much time on your hands now, maybe pick up embroidery and let your creativity flow. They have also launched an Embroidery Essentials Pack consisting of all the necessities needed to create your own customized embroidery for just $35++. To help jump-start your journey, they are now providing an exclusive Beginner Embroidery Guidebook that you can purchase at your checkout

Embroidery Essentials Pack

3. Zee & Elle: Cake it Up

I’m sure everyone has been trying something new like the Dalgona Coffee trend or baking some banana bread. Well, you can’t deny that baking is always a fun and therapeutic activity. However, if baking from scratch is a little too advanced for you, Zee and Elle has got your back! Recently, we have just launched a brand new project: Cake It Upa DIY cake kit specially created for this Stay-Home season. This package comes with a 3 layer 4-inch petite cake that can be a flavour of your choice, together with decorative items such as buttercream frosting in piping bags, unicorn fondant, sprinkles, dried flowers, sweet treats like donuts or macarons. Currently, we have 3 types of packages: Unicorn Cake Kit, Wander Kit and the Shiba Inu Kit ranging from $60 to $80. 

Unicorn cake DIY kit - zeeandelleUnicorn Cake It Up Kit

For a freshly baked 3 layer cake with unique decorative items delivered right to your doorstep at just $60++? That’s a pretty damn good deal! To guide you guys in this little creative session, we have specially made an IGTV tutorial that you can follow through. Check it out here and perhaps this might just be the next perfect bonding activity for you and your little ones! 

(Cake it Up will still be available for orders from 7 May 2020! Thank you for your continuous support thus far!)

4. Urban Li’l 

With schools going full on to home-based learning, it can sometimes be hard to think of more creative educational ideas for your children and at the same time, remain sane as a parent. However, Urban Li’l has come to the rescue! A mother who has abundance love for kids and design, founded Urban Li’l as a design studio which now provides a range of creative services such as customized decorative items for homes, children and logo graphic designs for events and businesses. Recently, they have just released a series of Printables for children that includes tracing, colouring and mathematics for preschoolers (age 3 to 6). The greatest news of all is that these are totally free – part of their initiative to give back to the community! Head down to their Instagram to download these printables or click here

Phonics free colouring printables -urbanlilPhonics free printable

5. Preserved Flowers Coaster Kit is a design studio based in Singapore, providing design services for weddings to corporations. Given the current situation, has come up with a craft kit that gets delivered right to your doorstep,  allowing you to create your own personalized coaster. With just $39, you can get a craft kit consisting of 2 round acrylics, preserved flowers with colors of your choice, drawing templates, craft glue and marker, 10 stay-home ideas cards and more! Coming with a personalized text, not only is this great for your next Stay-Home activity, but it’s perfect as a gift for your loved ones or any April-May babies. Inspired by nature and botanic, this preserved flower coaster will be a total eye-catcher for anyone.  

Preserved flowers coaster diy kit -mylin design

Preserved Flowers Coaster Kit

We hope this list will help keep you guys entertained during this stay-home season and also inspire you guys to help support local business in Singapore! Some of us are not as fortunate in being able to work from home. With all respect to our healthcare professions and anyone on the front line, let us all do our part in practising social distancing and proper hygiene to defeat this battle together! Remember, we are not stuck at home, but we are safe at home 😊


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