A Morning With: Zee & Elle

A Morning With: Zee & Elle

Ever wondered who is Zee & Elle and how did this boutique cake shop start out? Well, we've covered how they turned their passion for baking into a heartwarming full-time business for client's celebrations, as well as their inspirations in making customized cakes in Singapore.


Welcome back dreamers! Recently, we published a questionnaire on our Instagram story in pursuit of finding out what you guys are curious about. Many who have yet to meet us have pondered “Who is Zee & Elle?” To start things off, let us share a little about us and the journey we have been on.  


On the contrary to what people might think, we are not two girls, but a couple who started with a passion for baking. Zee’s the baker while Elle handles the marketing and operations. 

Assortment of cakes and dessert bar

Back then, Zee & Elle started off as just a platform for us to share our bakes and from there we got our first order and then the next and the next… We used to do this part-time from when we were schooling up till when we even had full-time jobs. It was pretty tough when we were juggling between school and Zee & Elle. To fulfill orders when we held full-time jobs, we were baking and frosting birthday cakes first thing straight when we came home.  Similarly, weekends were dedicated to decorating and baking cakes for celebrations.

That was when we both knew that deep down, our heart will always be with Zee & Elle, and so we finally decided to take the leap of faith and move this to full time. 

It was a very scary and uncertain time as it meant having more responsibilities, to be accountable for a lot more bills, to manage and bring together a team – which would have been impossible without the support from our friends and family. Our parents would come down to help to fold cake boxes while friends would help to recommend us, and through a word of mouth is what brought us to where we are today.

We also have an amazing team of people who have been here with us for years, working hard for Zee & Elle and holding the same values as us – ensuring high quality and a standard of service when serving bakes to our clients. It is all their hard work and dedication that has built Zee & Elle up.

Our first shop

Another question we frequently receive is where we get our customised cake inspirations from in Singapore. Our cake designs are guided by the principles of minimalism, classy and sleek. From the figurines we create to the colours we use. We take a lot of inspiration from nature, the things around us like the trees, sea or sky. We focus on cakes being more natural-looking, nothing forced. Hence, we use a lot of muted tones which are more natural, and we tend to let the florals and foliage flow naturally.

Floral cake design semi naked

Three-tier floral customised cake

We are so thankful for being able to be here and add a little something special, a touch of magic to your special days and celebrations. It is absolutely heartwarming when we get to be part of our clients’ different milestones, from their baby showers to their 21st and right down to their wedding. Nothing more than just happy clients that fuel us to continue what we’re doing!

Zee & Elle is always more than just a boutique cake shop in Singapore. We want to inspire others to wander more and dream a little bigger. As ZE grows, we hope to continue to be part of not just special occasions, but to bake for the every day of our community. To enjoy a good tasting, healthy, and most importantly handmade bakes. People take these words “handmade” very easily. But if you think about it, handmade is akin to having your mum making you your dinner daily. She knows best of what goes inside, to make sure that it is good for you, it is fresh, and it is best for your body. She ensures that it is healthy, it is made with less sugar, less salt and no preservatives. And most importantly, it is made fully of love and with you in mind. This is what handmade means. And that is what Zee & Elle is and will continue to bring.

We aspire to build an even stronger community that wakes up to enjoy a Zee & Elle banana loaf, spends tea break over a Zee & Elle tart, and enjoy a Zee & Elle light cream cake after dinner. We hope to be able to continue to inspire people to dream more, to be themselves, be original, and not be afraid to just be originally them.

Thank you to all who have stuck with us through thick and thin, and for those who are new – welcome on board this enchanting path to more adventures and growth each day. We hope to involve you guys as much in our future blogs, so do let us know any topics or questions you have for us through our Instagram story or Facebook! Until then, see you in our next blog 😊


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